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** ALERT ** Current UK legislation requires all London Stock Exchange listed companies to provide carbon emissions reports along with their audited financial statements from October 2013. View our video on how we can assist here

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Greener Gateway provides organisations worldwide with a variety of eco-friendly products which ensure environmental friendliness, promote carbon efficiency and most importantly reduce expenditure! Through our network of distributors, agents and channel partners we are able to promote these products to companies all over the world, opening up the ‘Greener Gateway’ and ensuring environmental awareness.


Greener Gateway’s Value Proposition

Greener Gateway will actively engage with, source, manage, support and effectively communicate with our international network of partners. We also represent our suppliers as their master global partner.


Target Market

Our target market is any company or organisation who wants to become more ‘green’ and realises that conserving energy as well as expenditure is now a necessity! From small enterprises to large corporations, saving money and operating more efficiently can make an enormous difference to profitability.

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