Greener Gateway’s consultancy services are intended to support both partners and suppliers. These services provide immense value: complementing the array of products and ensuring the continuing growth and development of our business relationships. 


Behaviour Profiling

Behaviour profiling evaluates an individual and his/her ‘soft’ skills. Whether working as part of a team or independently, there are certain behaviours and personalities which benefit a particular working environment or mode of interaction. This profiling investigates these areas in more detail, ensuring that a person’s individual strengths are maximised based on work circumstances and the type of role(s) expected to be performed.

Further information on our behaviour profiling services can be viewed here.

Indirect Marketing Support

In association with our partner network, Greener Gateway will ensure that all suppliers benefit from our indirect marketing support services. This includes promoting the product portfolio in many diverse ways to untapped target audiences through a combination of methods such as website, telephone and email marketing.

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