Behaviour Profiling

Our behaviour assessment services ensure that the people working with us possess the right attitude, temperament and drive to advise, debate and provide support around eco-friendly products.

Behaviour assessments provide in-depth information about an individual’s personalities and behaviours. Once these are better understood, it gives others the opportunity to appreciate how best to deal with that individual to obtain successful, productive interactions and discussions. Individuals that work in teams often encounter conflict.

Since team members are working towards a common goal, it is vital that they understand how best to accommodate each other not only to accomplish their objectives but also to ensure continuous and harmonious working relationships. Unfortunately personal issues are too often overlooked, which can have long lasting, detrimental effects.

Personal Profile Assessment discusses an individual’s self image and how his or her behaviour is likey to change under different circumstances, with particular emphasis on workplace behaviours.

An Individual Compatibility Assessment compares the behaviours of two different individuals, allowing them to understand how best to work and/or interact with each other.

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