Carbon Asset Management

Carbon Asset Management (CAM) is a carbon management software solution for companies or organisations that require a sustainability, greenhouse gas or Carbon footprint reporting need. The award winning software enables organisations to report their carbon footprint, quickly, easily, and in accordance with international and country specific guidelines and standards.


The key benefits of the software include:


The software provides flexible, instant reporting with template report formats for all major voluntary and legislated reporting initiatives. It has many time saving features, which significantly reduces error, reduces risk, improves accuracy and allows more time for focus on reductions as opposed to measurement. View our carbon asset management video here.


Carbon reduction strategy

A carbon reduction strategy is not just good for business, it helps the environment too. A low carbon strategy can be as simple as reducing the amount of electricity, gas, coal or fuel you use. For example, if you operate a fleet of Heavy Goods vehicles or passenger vehicles, reducing fuel consumption can be achieved through driver training, preventative maintenance, correct tyre pressure and the removal of unnecessary equipment.


The Climate Change Act

The Climate Change Act is the world’s first long-term legally binding framework, designed to tackle the dangers of climate change. The Climate Change Act is ground breaking legislation and sets:

The Climate Change Act has resulted in the introduction of mandatory legislation governing the reporting of GHG emissions including:


The video below provides a useful introduction to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).


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