Energy Generating Revenue

Our demand for power is ever greater, and to ensure our energy needs are met the National Grid must constantly balance the supply and demand of electricity. Currently this vital balance is mainly achieved by operating power stations at spare capacity, which is inefficient, costly and polluting. The introduction of less flexible power sources such as wind and nuclear is increasing the challenge, which requires smart thinking to balance our energy needs.

Energy supply and demand is constantly changing. National Grid rewards companies that are able to alter their energy demand in order to provide the balance between supply and demand that is essential to keep electricity flowing.

Greener Gateway is a leading provider of energy demand management solutions. We offer the most efficient, profitable and comprehensive solutions on the market, working with energy users to unlock the highest possible revenues in the simplest and most efficient way



Open Dynamic DemandTM is an energy demand management solution that reacts instantaneously to second-by-second changes in the balance between supply and demand on the grid. It makes subtle adjustments to the demand for electricity by automatically altering the timing of an appliance’s electrical consumption. Because it offers the fastest response to imbalances in electricity supply and demand it also generates the highest returns.

Open Dynamic DemandTM works with stored energy devices including refrigerators, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning units, water heaters and industrial processes. The consumption of electricity of these types of appliances is not time critical, because although they need energy, as long as they operate between expected limits, such as temperature, it does not matter precisely when that energy is used.

Straightforward to install, it requires no behavioural change and will have no impact on your energy consumption or operational performance.


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