Induction Motors

Did you Know that:

Inductor motors are slower than universal motors and have a lower start-up torque.

The inductive motor optimisation panel is a product designed to increase the efficiency of an inductive load by locally controlling delivery of the necessary reactive power so that the value of the current and consequently the power flowing through the upstream network can be reduced. This means:

•The Inductive load characteristics are unchanged

•The infrastructures characteristics from the incoming meter back to the inductive motor optimisation panel are positively altered to increase efficiency

 This in turn allows:

1. Monetary savings on electricity bills 

2. Better utilization of electrical machines

3. Better utilization of electrical infrastructure

4. Reduction of electrical losses: reduction of voltage drops

5. Reduction of carbon emission: reduction of electricity costs

6. Increased motor life: reduction in penalty charges and fines

The product is a custom built unit manufactured to Ip65 standards with CE approval. With no moving parts failure rates are extremely low and it is easily installed adjacent to the inductive load. The imop is wired in parallel therefore, this will not affect the normal working of the inductive load in the unlikely event failure occurs. This patented diagnostic device & methodology determines to an exact science how much capacitance is required to optimise each inductive load to ensure maximum efficiency. Optimising is precisely accomplished on each inductive load in minutes.

 There are over 650 pre-engineered products in the range, all assembled on a modular template. Installation is fast, simple and sized (optimised) to the specific unit. Power (kWH) savings are immediate and average around 10% but range from 6 % to a impressive 25%. Return on investment is rapid, in most cases within 24 months.

What is an inductive load?

An inductive load is any equipment (i.e. motors, pumps, heaters etc) using a magnetic field to operate. Within business today your inductive loads are the main cause of:

•Power inefficiency

•Wasted energy consumption

•Increased carbon footprint

This reduces your ability to be a ‘Carbon Neutral Business’. The majority of inductive loads are AC motors however, inductive loads are also found in various types of:

•Luminaire transformers

•Fluorescent lighting ballast



‘The clever box’

By attaching ‘the clever box’ to the inductive load terminals and carrying out a short simple optimisation process, a custom built inductive motor optimisation panel can be selected to suit each individual installation in a speedy and cost effective manner.

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