Leak Detection

The leak detection product protects properties from internal flooding by monitoring the water supply. It has four main features to assist with protecting the property:
• Time out Monitor
• Excess Flow Indicator
• Freeze Selector
• Non Use Detector


When flooding occurs, the time out monitor automatically turns off the water supply. The time out function will turn off the water supply if there are leaking water pipes, defective appliances or if a tap has been left running. The excess flow indicator monitors the average use of water. If for example, a pipe bursts, then the product will automatically turn off the water supply. The freeze protector turns off the water supply if the temperature where the product is installed falls below three degrees centigrade. The Non Use detector turns off the water if no water has been used for twenty four hours.



Wet pads


Wets Pads are small plastic molds with sensors which can detect even the smallest amount of water. The Wet Pad is about the length of a credit card. The first Wet Pad is wired into the back of the Remote Switch (only two wires), and placed anywhere around the property where a water leak could or might be expected, under the washing machine or dishwasher, under the boiler, under the sink, bath etc. Any number of Wet Pads can be fitted. Adding more is easy, wiring is also easy, just join them up in parallel. There is no voltage at all connected to the Wet Pads so completely safe.

If any one of the Wet Pads get slightly damp it will set off a loud audible alarm inside the Remote Switch. It will also turn off the water supply until it is reset.


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