Photo Luminescence

Illumination products that use no electricity, solar or batteries for energy supply are a new technological development. They provide a visual ‘glow in the dark’ functionality with multiple applications thus affording a low cost alternative in many situations to traditional lighting and as such are truly green and eco-friendly products.

These proprietary, high-grade, advanced photo luminescent products are ideal for safety applications. The company works closely with 3M to produce an additional variety of advanced photo luminescent and 3M light-reflective materials for the best safety products available in the world. The products produce a luminescence which lasts for 18 hours—more when fully charged by a full-spectrum light source such as the sun—and will perform at 100% capacity for more than 10 years.

The products meet or exceed New York City Building Code Standard Local Law 26, DIN standards, ASTM 2072, 2073, 2030, ISO 15370 standards, MIL-L-3891, APTA SS-PS-004,002 and JIS Z 9100 standards.

The photo luminescent product range contains a wide array of standard product applications along with the ability to completely customize solutions for customer applications. The products can be used in a full range of applications, from the home consumer and industrial to governmental organizations.

Here are just a few applications for these adhesive-backed photo luminescent vinyl strips and patches:

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