Smart Grid System

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Making the switch at home and in shops and restaurants from conventional incandescent lamps to compact fluorescent lamps or ‘energy savers’ can deliver 500% more efficiency?

The term Smart Grid may be best understood as the overlaying of a unified communications and control system on the existing power delivery infrastructure to provide the right information to the right entity (e.g. end-use devices, Transmission and Distribution, system controls, customers, etc.) at the right time to take the right action. It is a system that optimizes power supply and delivery, minimizes losses, is self-healing, and enables next-generation energy efficiency and demand response applications.

A Smart Grid entails an open standard for communications with devices – both Transmision and Distribution and end use devices – advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), two-way communications between a utility and its customers, and smart interconnections to distributed energy resources.

A Smart Grid will also facilitate the market adoption and interconnection of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), hybrid electric vehicles that can be plugged into electrical outlets for recharging. 


A Smart Grid is a critical element for Dynamic Energy Management, the synergistic effect of a Smart Grid with smart energy-efficient end-use devices, advanced whole building control systems, and smart distributed energy resources to yield energy savings and peak demand reductions greater than what could otherwise be realized. A Smart Grid would potentially link all of these elements together and provide constant communications between a utility and its customers to optimize energy efficiency and mitigate emissions.

Software solutions and technology products are available that facilitate the development of the Smart Grid. Additionally, through  agreements with Carbon data vendors like AMEE, we are uniquely positioned to translate the Dynamic Energy Management of our deployments into Carbon Emissions.

Our knowledge loop ensures that we capture data devices from our users and feed this back into the knowledge database of carbon emissions. This information assists utilities with their energy management strategies and leads to further Carbon Reduction solutions and developments.

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