Water & Energy

The water purification and electricity generation system  is a unique, innovative technology that operates with a proven gasification process to produce high quality, renewable bio-gas. It uses no external power source to release hydrogen and other combustible gases from water. The only by products of the system are electricity and clean water.


Any water source can be used, be it sewerage water, contaminated water or salt water. Advanced membrane technology separates the water from the contaminants in the water supply. The water stream is then further purified and concentrated matter removed from it, which is processed and turned into bio-fuel as a fuel source. The pure water is then processed further to extract hydrogen while creating a super oxygen saturated water stream as a by product.


The system uses a nano technology monolithic reactor concept offering a very high hydrogen splitting capacity. The hydrogen generated is fed into a modified gas turbine generator which can individually generate 280MW or be connected in parallel for higher electricity generation.


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